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Live Class - $79 Debit or Credit

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$59 CASH


    Online Class $79

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A Word From Glen Ekstrom... OWNER OF CHL-TRAINING

Getting a Texas License To Carry is a Three Part Process:

1. Take Your LTC Class & Complete a Shooting Proficiency Test With Us.

2. Make Application With the Texas Department of Public Safety For a LTC.

3. Schedule & Complete Your Fingerprints at a Nearby IDENTOGO Location.

The "Here Is What To Do" Section Below will Guide You Step By Step In Assisting You With The Process.  We are proud to be one of the top License To Carry Classes in Texas with almost 15,000 graduates since 2011. We have made thousands of friends over the years and we invite you to join our family.  Hope to see you soon, thanks! - Glen


Recent Review

Donna C. / 5 stars
Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Course / CHL America / CHL-Training.com
The class was awesome. My instructor, Glen, was amazing. He took his time and taught us everything we needed to know. No one left the class without knowing exactly we needed to know about being registered to carry a gun. Best instructor ever. He was awesome.


1. Verify that You Are Eligible For a License To Carry HERE

2. Reserve 1. A $79 LIVE License To Carry Class;

    Or 2. A $79 ONLINE Class w/ Shooting Qualification Included 

    Or 3. A $39 ONLINE Class Shooting Qualification Only  HERE

3. Book Your Class After Reserving Your LTC Class HERE

4. Apply For an Official DPS Texas License To Carry HERE

5. Schedule Your Fingerprinting Date at IDENTOGO HERE

6. Questions? Contact the Texas DPS LTC Division HERE

7. Unlimited Legal Defense Representation - You Just Shot Somebody In Self Defense... Give Yourself the Peace of Mind By Having Immediate Phone Access To Your Own Personal Criminal Defense Attorney 24/7/365.  Protect Your Family From the Costs of Civil and Criminal Lawsuits & Financial Stress.  If You Are Going To Carry This Needs To Be Part of Your Plan. 

         Only $10.95 Per Month With Texas Law Shield HERE

Questions? Please Text Them To: 281-740-0130 Mon.-Fri. 9AM-5PM. - CLOSED Sat.-Sun.




1. License To Carry - LIVE Class or ONLINE Class - $79.00

      "Other Online Provider" Shooting Proficiency Test / Range Info. Class  - $39.00

2. Online Application with the DPS: Regular Citizen $40.00

       (Current Military - $0 / Veteran - $25.00) 


3. Fingerprinting at IDENTOGO (25 Area Locations.) $9.95 plus tax 


4. Marksman Indoor Shooting Range - Range fee - $15.00

       Ammunition and Gun Rentals Are Available At the Range.