The Official Texas License To Carry / Concealed Handgun Course In Houston

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The Official Texas "License To Carry" Class

Serving Metropolitan Houston Texas Since July of 2011.

7,304 Graduates.  Business Hours Monday thru Friday 9AM - 4PM

Questions? / 281-740-0130

To Get a License To Carry...

1. Schedule your class / 2. Apply with the DPS / 3. Schedule your fingerprints.


1. Schedule Your  4 Hour "License To Carry" Class

and Your Shooting Proficiency Test. 

Pick out your class date below. (Dates are easily re-scheduled if needed) 

Then Send an email with your class date to: .

Pay for your class/es using the "Buy Now" buttons below and you will receive a confirmation email with information about the class and the shooting test.  Cash payments are also accepted the day of the class.


2. Make Application W/ the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

You can make application for a License To Carry either before or after you take the License To Carry Class.  Once you take the License To Carry class and receive your Certificate of Training, you have two years to make application with the DPS.  First, check out the requirements to get a License To Carry here: If you qualify, you can then apply online here:  It is a four page application.  You pay the application fee online using a debit or credit card.  Cost of the application fee is $145 for a regular citizen; $0 for current military and military discharged within the last 12 months; $25 for Veterans; and $70 for Senior Citizens over the age of 60.  The LTC is good for 5 years.  Renewals are done online.  The application can also be done by mail, by downloading the application and following the instructions on the DPS website.


3. Schedule Your Fingerprints.

Once you have made application to the DPS and have paid your application fee you will be cleared to make your reservation to get your fingerprinting done at a company called IDENTOGO. Here is the link to schedule your fingerprints:  IDENTOGO is the state mandated fingerprinting company that does all of the fingerprinting for the Texas License To Carry Program.  You cannot get your fingerprints done at any other company.  You cannot transfer fingerprints you may have on file with the DPS to the LTC program.   The cost is $9.95 plus tax for a total of  $10.77.  IDENTOGO will conveniently email your fingerprints directly to the DPS for you.




Friday - March 3rd - Shooting Test at 4PM  /  Class at 6PM-10PM

Saturday - March 11th - Shooting Test at 7AM  /  Class at 9AM-1PM

Saturday - March 18th - Shooting Test at 7AM  /  Class at 9AM-1PM

Friday - March 24th - Shooting Test at 4PM  /  Class at 6PM-10PM



Saturday - April 1st - Shooting Test at 7AM  /  Class at 9AM-1PM

Friday - April 7th - Shooting Test at 4PM  /  Class at 6PM-10PM

No Class on Easter Week-end

Friday - April 21st - Shooting Test at 4PM  /  Class at 6PM-10PM

Saturday - April 29th - Shooting Test at 7AM  /  Class at 9AM-1PM


Classes & Shooting Tests Held At 507 Nebraska St. South Houston, Texas. 

Shooting tests are held before the class starts.

Send an email with your choice of class date to:

Class Fees:                                     Regular $70 per Student.  Now $39 for One Student, $75 for Two, $105 for Three, $139 for Four.